Jun. 13th, 2003

Ink on Ink

Jun. 13th, 2003 03:09 pm
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Of Two Minds pointed at one of Steve Leveen's essays on the Levenger site recently. Here's the email I sent him in reply to another of his essays, "Writing in Books":

Of course I write in books. I've written parts of my own books in the back pages and endpapers of other people's books. I've engaged in brief dialogues with authors through handwritten marginalia. The image of the marked-up page spread illustrating your essay looked delicious to me, aesthetic evidence of a mind's interaction with those pages. I also leave boarding passes and stubs of travel, movie, play, ballgame tickets in my books after I've finished and no longer need to mark places; years later they spring out as mementos, making each book a miniature time capsule. And I *touch* my books. I get my finger oils in them, sometimes my tears. Their shape changes as I carry them and hold them in positions very different from the shelved default. My books are extensions of my mind and parts of my body. And the many book collectors among my friends are appalled by every bit of this.
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Remember this SUV from back in November? Here's the jacket to go with it! At least, if they can figure a way to juice it up a bit. I don't think the 9-volt quite cuts it. (Don't miss the video clips. They're wonderful.)
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Okay, I just saw a teeth-whitening-stuff commercial in which a woman is dreaming that she's dancing in a Riverdance-like line of Irish stepdancers, all of whom are dressed in white silk, and all of whom are William Shatner.

Not even I could have hallucinated something like that.

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