Jul. 31st, 2003

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I tested for orange belt in Krav Maga last Sunday and passed with an 86. The five other people I tested with also passed, and I'm proud not only of me but of all of them, too. They're great guys and they worked hard and looked great on the test. I also appreciated the support of the people who came to root for us--it was a two-hour test and some observers actually stayed for the whole thing. It was actually fun, and hilarious at times, with much laughter in among the intensity and nerves and aggression. In an attempt to help someone else, I did something so boneheaded that I'm still laughing about it. I also did one roll (flying front roll) for the very first time and one fall (hard breakfall to the front, which scared me so that I couldn't bring myself to do it until last Thursday when someone said "It's easier if you just fling yourself onto the ground, no matter how counterintuitive that may seem" and turned out to be right) for the second time ever, which is cutting it a little close but exhilarated me in the event. It was a great experience.

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