Aug. 23rd, 2011

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I hope that everyone near the Virginia epicenter is okay.

Whole house shook here. The whole house shakes a little bit whenever a schoolbus or heavy truck trundles by outside, but this was shakier and swayier enough for me to think This seriously might actually be a small earthquake and get up with notions of collecting animals, getting into a doorway, getting a pair of shoes on, grabbing the disaster go-bag. (In that order, for better or worse.)

The radio reported it five to ten minutes earlier than my local TV cable news station or CNN. My across-the-street neighbor, talking loudly on his phone (he managed to call out to say to a friend "Did you feel that?" just before the circuits got overloaded), was announcing "We just had an earthquake" before 1010 WINS reported it, but he might have been guessing, same as me. (Interestingly, neither his first thought nor mine was "bomb blast, Manhattan." Ten years ago, when WBAI's signal cut out in the middle of a reading I was doing on "Hour of the Wolf," I said to the host, with a coldness in my gut, "Uh, better turn on CNN," because my first thought was that something had happened to the Empire State Building, where the broadcast antenna was.)

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