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Writer (novels, short stories, poetry, the occasional article). Copyeditor (science fiction, fantasy). Musician (Irish traditional pennywhistle/banjo/octave mandolin/flute, Broadway and classical piano, also now some jazz piano). Orange belt (Level 3 in Krav Maga) and yellow belt (Level 2 in MMA/freestyle martial arts). Named for a comic-strip character (Terry of Terry and the Pirates). Went to a liberal progressive grammar school in Greenwich Village in the sixties while growing up in a blue-collar Queens neighborhood. Graduated high school on Friday the 13th, graduated college in Orwellian 1984. Veteran of The New Yorker (fifteen years in Editorial; bailed in the year 2000), New York City transit strikes (two) and blackouts (two) (also a few hurricanes and two very small earthquakes), SFWA kerfuffles (two or three in my year on the board), organized sf fandom (thirty-some years--the Star Trek Bicentennial-10 and correspondence clubs count), freelance copyediting (twenty-five years), Maine schooner vacations (twenty years). Was once almost run over by a nuclear submarine while sailing with friends in Charleston. I've racked up a few trips to "I" countries (Ireland, India, and Italy), and I wonder if going to Uruguay, Uganda, or Uzbekistan would make me a less egoistic traveler. My writer's CV (listing the jobs you don't include on a corporate résumé) includes bartending in establishments both savory (Wall Street) and un- (a local dive-bar strip joint), mucking out stables, clerking and gofering at a musicians' booking agency, sorting sweepstakes entries for Publishers Clearing House, and selling watches from a pitch on Eyre Square in Galway and at festivals like the Rose of Tralee.

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