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I lost twenty pounds on the Protein Power diet (and training in Krav Maga and working out on non-training days), then wrote a book and gained it back. I'm going on vacation next week to a place where it's next to impossible to diet (a Maine schooner where delicious and carb-heavy meals are prepared on a wood-burning stove by an awesome cook), but after that it's back to low-carbness for me. I can't stand this extra weight anymore (although I found it surprisingly useful in Krav at times, literally having more weight to throw around), and I have a whole drawer full of cool jeans that will fit if I can just drop ten of these pounds. (The Way Cool Green Pants that some certain somebodies recently donated to me fit now and will still fit nicely, however. *smile smile*)

Here are the three foods I will miss most when I redecarb:

3) Pizza. (I'll still enjoy it when I stop eating the crust, so it's only #3. Plus, grossing out observers by eating the cheesy part right out of the crust is kind of fun. But I'll still miss the gestalt of cheese and crust.)

2) Chalupas. (The good part is the carb part. Mmm. Had 'em tonight. TacoBell's Canon.)

1) Baked potatoes. (Also boiled, mashed, roasted...I'm Irish, what can I tell you? Blame Sir Walter Raleigh.)

The good part about preredecarbing is indulging in these foods to the point of decadence.

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