Jun. 23rd, 2004

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decarbing, recarbing )

Here are the three foods I will miss most when I redecarb:

3) Pizza. (I'll still enjoy it when I stop eating the crust, so it's only #3. Plus, grossing out observers by eating the cheesy part right out of the crust is kind of fun. But I'll still miss the gestalt of cheese and crust.)

2) Chalupas. (The good part is the carb part. Mmm. Had 'em tonight. TacoBell's Canon.)

1) Baked potatoes. (Also boiled, mashed, roasted...I'm Irish, what can I tell you? Blame Sir Walter Raleigh.)

The good part about preredecarbing is indulging in these foods to the point of decadence.

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Has anyone yet come out with a diet cola soft drink made with sucralose rather than aspartame?

At a very nice con in Little Rock, Arkansas, a couple of years ago, I found something called Diet Big Red in the consuite bathtub. Being very much a Northerner (though I was made an honorary Bubba at a Birmingham DeepSouthCon), I had never heard of this beverage. I saw sucralose in the list of ingredients. Oh yay! I thought. Splenda soda! A strange silence fell over the group I was chatting with as I popped the can and took a sip. It was like a college initiation, or a practical joke. This drink tasted like stale beer and Robitussin. There being no spittoons, I quickly returned the liquid to the plumbing portion of the bathroom from whence it came.

I'm hoping some beverage company somewhere will do better than this. Anyone run across anything?

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