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[personal profile] jenlev, this reminds me of your lovely coffeeshop tradition, and I'm pretty sure I'll be copying the idea.

Found in a bookstore on January 2nd.


Dec. 11th, 2012 04:20 pm
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LBM portrait

Studio portrait of my mom when she was, I think, about thirty.

Happy birthday, Mom, wherever you may be.

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We're a big Giants household here, so today is a day of celebration. Me, I still can't believe we got into the Super Bowl. It's going to take me a couple of days to believe we won. One of the biggest upsets in NFL history, and it was our team! Not to mention that it was a fantastic game. We reserved a table for dinner at our local sports bar and went kitted out in our Giants gear (well, with me kitted out in K's spare Giants gear, since I couldn't turn up my jersey, which given the power of sports paraphernalia voodoo may have been for the best, since IIRC the last time I wore it was for the Giants-Ravens game that it's best not to speak of) and watched with a crowd of enthusiastic fans. It's a pretty wild experience--the massive TV screens, the sensory overload, the voices chanting "DEfense!" in unison, the primal roar of the clapping and pounding hands and feet, the strange temporary community of strangers--and on the way home we had what K called Pavlov's car horn: beep at any corner and a cheer would go up from all the people out on the streets. We could still hear the horns and revelry from the strip when we got back to the house. It was as if all of New York had gotten married.

Yeah, ultimately it's just entertainment and just a game, but there's an awful lot of suckage going around these days, and when glee comes to revel in, I'm reveling in it. Go Giants!!! :) :)

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I've been terribly slapdash about the birthday messages this year, but nonetheless...

Happy birthday,

[ profile] tbclone47!

And many, many more. :)

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It took me this long to get double-As for my camera and get a shot of this that looks more like the physical cover than the Amazon image does (it's quite a lovely, classy cover, so it deserves it), but at last I can say, "Look what showed up on my porch!"

It's the German-language edition of The Binder's Road, the sequel to Zauberin des Lichts, and I wasn't twmed this time; German Amazon dropped the weird Cassiopeian middle initial from my byline for this book. And it makes a lovely set with this one.

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So, at 3:09 this morning I turned forty-five.

That means I revolve faster than I did at thirty-three, and I have an interesting B side that doesn't get much over-the-air play but is appreciated by collectors and aficionados. :)

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Just got an email from Amazon telling me that they've shipped my test-preordered copy of the paperback edition of Triad.'s out!

Available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble online, as well as from Powell's, from my favorite place to buy books online, Books-a-Million, and from my favorite place to buy DVDs online, which has now expanded into bookselling and of the vendors listed here does in fact have the best price for this book, with no club-membership requirement: Deep Discount.

At I-Con I read from the chapter that mirrors the first chapter of Illumination from a nineteen-years-later perspective. It was received well, and reading it gave me a wonderful feeling of coming full circle while still moving forward.

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Xmas 1970
Xmas 1970
My grandmother, my mom, and me, Christmas 1970, grabbed from a video capture of old home movies transferred to VHS.

Happy holidays, everyone.

:) :) :)

Nov. 8th, 2006 07:28 am
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With the exception of a few disappointments, the news this morning is very, very good. In fact, it's WHEEEEEE-worthy. And so:


Because my body decided last night that 8 p.m. really was still 2 a.m., even though I thought that sleeping eleven hours the night before had been an insta-cure for jetlag, I was in and out of a heavy drowse on the sofa till my SO called it and shut CNN off around 10:30, but I've been up since five hoping to hear good news about Montana and Virginia.

(Yup, could be a long wait, but K woke up too sick to go in and I can work up here, so now we're back to hanging out in front of CNN.)

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Illumination has come out in German. Yay! I got copies today, and family members who can actually read German snarfed them up, so I had only a moment to savor. But I'm psyched.

The weird thing is: On German Amazon, I've acquired a middle initial W. On U.S. Amazon until they fixed it, and still on, for Illumination I've been listed with a middle initial M. Neither W nor M is my middle initial, and I've never used my middle initial in my byline (although I think some magazine printed it once, for some reason I never got to the bottom of).

I can kind of see the M; it's the sort of typo you'd make when you start typing the last name, get distracted, then come back and type the last name in from scratch, leaving the first letter of the aborted attempt as a vestigial middle initial. But the W is a mystery to me.

It's the constellation Cassiopeia of middle initials.

I've been twmed.

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[ profile] akaspeedo and I were in a Staples yesterday. We had some questions, and for a long time there was no one around to answer them. Finally, two aisles away, I spotted a tall guy in a Staples-red polo shirt. I started to go over to him, but having read this account of an Improv Everywhere invasion of Best Buy (linked to by [ profile] gadarene), I...hesitated. Briefly, but long enough to laugh at myself. Was he really a Staples guy? Or just a guy in a red shirt? It reminded me of Disney World, which royally screwed with my sense of reality in an "Is it live or is it Animatronic?" way. Dude, the world is weird and complicated enough as it is.

The thing that struck me about the Best Buy invasion was that they'd have had very little to chronicle if they hadn't been trying to chronicle it. What got them into trouble, and made fodder for all the anecdotes, was the cameras they smuggled in to record the invasion. Attempting to observe the phenomenon not only changed the quality of it, but made it into something.

I really, really loved their Cell Phone Symphony mission, though.

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Making this was fun--you type in names and Condemn them, Redeem some if you change your mind, then run through deciding who's more evil--but I think some of my Condemned got maybe a little too serious. I also had too many of them, so I had to Squish the theatre talkers and Domino's drivers.

Whoever keeps putting my middle initial on my convention badges
Circle I Limbo

The people who canceled Firefly in favor of "reality" programming
Circle II Whirling in a Dark & Stormy Wind

Cellphone performance artists
Circle III Mud, Rain, Cold, Hail & Snow

Anyone who contributed to making Microsoft Word suck
Circle IV Rolling Weights

People who talk in theatres during shows /// Homicidal Domino's Pizza drivers
Circle V Stuck in Mud, Mangled

River Styx

The corrupt and inept people destroying the library where my friend works
Circle VI Buried for Eternity

River Phlegyas

Racists, homophobes, and the other socially intolerant
Circle VII Burning Sands

Cheney, Rove, and Dubya
Circle IIX Immersed in Excrement

Abusers of children, the elderly, animals, domestic partners
Circle IX Frozen in Ice

Design your own hell

Karen Day

May. 17th, 2006 11:55 am
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Happy birthday, [ profile] karenetaylor!
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Somebody somewhere in friends-of-friends prompted me to open this in a new tab while I was surfing, and now I have no idea who, but I just love it:

Electronic Road Signs and Me

Somewhere on one of the parkways around here there's a sign that says CAUTION: LOW BRIDGES. Kevin misread it once, and we laugh now every time we pass it. Who knows...maybe, for a few hours one night, it really said what we thought it said. *g*

Michael Day

May. 6th, 2006 12:45 pm
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Happy birthday, [ profile] akaspeedo!
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Happy birthday, [ profile] thirdstreet!

Happy birthday, [ profile] slithytove. :)