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End of the Year Meme. Write the first sentence, from the first post, of every month. As seen at [ profile] fionagh's and [ profile] ruruoni_ben's. I used public entries only, not locked ones. Where the first sentence was a Friday Five question, I included the sentence after it. Where there were no sentences (where the entry was just an image) I skipped to the first entry that had text. Because I detest the Rich Text Editor, linkage fell off when I copied-and-pasted; no great loss.

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Well. That was phenomenally boring. Sorry, guys.


Dec. 4th, 2006 11:29 am
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I saw the link to Measuring the Speed of a Meme in [ profile] vampry's journal on December 1st and am posting to participate only now--in fact, after leaving this entry half finished in the composition window for nearly an hour, although I gather that Livejournal may recently have changed the interface so that entries are timestamped when they post instead of when the post-to-journal window was generated. Even if I'm doing this right and even if it's not already too late, I suspect I'm adding only to the datapoints representing the unspeedy, and yes, this post is as much about the posting of itself as about helping someone as an experiment try to track the propagation of a metameme across the blogosphere. Here's that link again:

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Yeah, I kinda gafiated for a while there. Not sure if the gafiation is completely over, but hey, it's been spring for almost two hours now and I've been nudged, so I'm poking my head up and peering around a little.

[ profile] ogre_san, I haven't forgotten that I owe you email with an attachment. :)

[ profile] stevendj, I haven't forgotten that I owe you a phone call. :)

We had a fun and busy St. Patrick's Season (usually it's a week; this year we had gigs over two weeks, including all three weekends). My spring resolutions are to get my banjo repaired, get my piano moved from the place it's temporarily occupied since 1987 to the place I live now, and acquire a flute that likes me better than my last one did; a bouzouki that doesn't give me carpal-tunnelish pains to play would be nice too, but may take a little longer.

I'll be at I-Con this weekend (I'll post my programming schedule in a minute), and I'll be back in chat (finally!) on Thursday night.

Hope everyone's been well.

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I don't suppose someone could get Miskatonic past the people who screen the submitted additions to the LJ Schools Directory, could they? Or that the many attempts that must have already been made at adding Hogwarts could provide some cover and let MU slip through?

God applied to Princeton my year, but Yoda's the one who made it into the freshman face book.

Miskatonic's there now. So's Hogwarts. And Starfleet Academy.

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Returning after this past month away from here, I feel that I should come bearing rants and linkage. To be honest, I felt disheartened about ranting here, and to some extent still do; despite the disaster after the disaster, I can't help feeling that all will be forgotten by election time, and that the polarization in this country is severe enough and laminated enough that nothing can penetrate it. Seeing no point in passing this disheartenment along, I drifted away. Will try to stay returned for a while and see how it goes.

On Primary Tuesday, twenty minutes before the polls closed, I was the ninetieth person in my district to vote. When I came up to the table, one of the women said, "We've got a live one!" I got the feeling they'd been sitting for some time without much to do.

My cool-word find of last month was "kayakathon." It's probably in poor taste now, but it's a great word.

Oh, and LJ had neither of my high schools listed in its new Schools userinfo thing, so I went ahead and added one of them. It would feel odd to run into a classmate here.


Aug. 11th, 2005 04:44 pm
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Hey, this journal is three years old today. :)

The sky's putting on a fireworks display for the next couple of nights. Around here the best viewing will be after 11pm. If we go out to watch tonight, I'll be in chat on the pretty late side.


Jul. 5th, 2005 08:18 pm
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This doesn't really apply to anyone yet, particularly since [ profile] charmingbillie and [ profile] remaines have identities here now (which makes me happy), but because I'll have forgotten this in five minutes if I don't post about it now...

Livejournal is apparently pioneering this OpenID thing where you can port your otherblogly identity over to comment here without being forced to choose between posting as Anonymous (and forgetting to sign your name and then cursing afterward) and creating a journal solely for commenting purposes (although I had fun with the Blogger annex I made and should really update it sometime).

LJ users would be able to port their LJ identities over to other blogs, too, which would be nice.

Hope it catches on.

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Hooray! Botty is back!

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Finally downloaded the LJ archive tool that [ profile] akaspeedo pointed me toward. It's great, and comes with some fun tools, one of which is Regressive Imagery Analysis.

Top 3 Categories
Regressive Imagery Analysis for irongall's journal
Compared to: Everyone
Expressive Behavior90.9%90.9%
What does this mean?

Bottom 3 Categories
Regressive Imagery Analysis for irongall's journal
Compared to: Everyone
Consciousness Alteration18.1%18.1%
What does this mean?

Root Categories
Regressive Imagery Analysis for irongall's journal
Compared to: Everyone
What does this mean?

Primary Process
Regressive Imagery Analysis for irongall's journal
Compared to: Everyone
Defensive Symbolization82.5%82.5%
Regressive Cognition52.0%52.0%
Icarian Imagery52.3%52.3%
What does this mean?

Secondary Process
Regressive Imagery Analysis for irongall's journal
Compared to: Everyone
Social Behavior81.2%81.2%
Instrumental Behavior30.1%30.1%
Temporal References27.9%27.9%
Moral Imperative39.2%39.2%
What does this mean?

Regressive Imagery Analysis for irongall's journal
Compared to: Everyone
Positive Affect51.7%51.7%
Expressive Behavior90.9%90.9%
What does this mean?

It will also do a word count analysis. words I use too much )
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I switched to S2. I haven't fixed the colors yet. Will do it after the SFWA reception tonight. Hope to see some people from here there.


Still futzing with the colors. I foresee much futzing ahead.

The reception was fun, as always.

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Haven't rejiggered my interests in a while. Before I do:

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Gakked from [ profile] jodawi.


Dec. 31st, 2002 11:00 pm
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At the beginning of 2002...

I was profoundly happy to see the back of 2001, which was a hard and terrible year in a variety of ways (with the exception of the publication of my first novel, which the rest may have happened in order to cosmically balance).

I didn't yet have a completed second novel in hand.

Because I was writing twenty hours a day and permitting myself anything that would help me get that novel done, I weighed about eight hundred million pounds and was living on Entenmann's doughnuts, Dr Pepper, and mozzarella sticks.

I didn't have a yellow belt in Krav Maga. I hadn't even heard of Krav Maga.

I didn't have an ARMA Workshop 1.0 certificate in longsword, or a longsword waster, or any experience actually using a longsword.

I had only a dim recollection of CPR and no first-aid training.

I had never made an illuminated manuscript from scratch with authentic period materials.

I couldn't read, understand, or speak any Japanese.

I had never played at the Blarney Star. Playing the Blarney Star is to Irish traditional music what playing the Palace was to vaudeville and playing Carnegie Hall is to mainstream musicians.

I was still in my thirties.

I had never grown tomatoes.

I didn't have a Livejournal.

At the end of 2002...that's all changed!

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This is my hundredth journal entry.

How base-ten of me to mark that. :)
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"Nothing comes of nothing. Speak again." --King Lear


Aug. 12th, 2002 04:09 am
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No iron. No gall. No ink.


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