Dec. 6th, 2012 08:33 pm
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It's thirty-six degrees outside. I am inside, and I am warm, and the warmth extends to more than a single room at a time, and I did not have to light and supervise a cranky kerosene heater, or position and monitor various electric heaters, in order to achieve this.

We have weeks, months, even years to go before things are truly normal again, in this house or in my town. The new boiler is running off an extension cord plugged into an outlet in the first-floor kitchen, because the basement wiring was immersed in salt water > can't be trusted > has to be replaced > hasn't been yet. Two of the breakers in the new main panel keep tripping, which means that either something's not right with the panel or something's not right with the house wiring and the old panel didn't register it. My dining-room office-in-exile is plugged into a bedroom outlet (this is an improvement over the living-room-office-to-bathroom-outlet rig of a week ago). Heavy-duty extension cords are our friends.

New debris piles appear every day as people return and gut their basements and/or first floors. The streets are still devoid of cars (all the cars here drowned, and almost all the drowned cars have been towed away, and many of them haven't been replaced) and busy with contractors' vans and appliance-store delivery trucks and moving trucks for the packing-it-in-and-getting-out folks. But no more National Guard, no more curfew, no more state of emergency. Just a lot of long-haul, continuing cleanup.

We were extremely lucky here. No loss of life. A habitable house. Funds to pay people to pump the basement out and do the first heavy-duty debris-clearing and tear out the walls and apply a professional mold treatment, friends to help with continuing debris-clearing, insurance to replace the funds. And even for us the recovery has been long cold hard work, and is far from over. For those less lucky, OMFG.

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